What Is Soul Impact?

Your success in life – however you define it – will never exceed your ability to grow. That’s where Soul Impact comes in. And to be honest, the first step can be helping you define what "success" means for you.


Soul Impact is my coaching, training, teaching, speaking, strategic planning and leadership development business. It is where I have the opportunity to serve individuals, businesses, ministries, teams and executives so they can increase their value to their communities.


With over 55 years of leadership and ministry experience, I am able to help you take your leadership to the next level – and the next, and the next.


A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to join the John Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, and to be trained as a coach, trainer, and speaker. Four years ago, I participated in the International Maxwell Certification conference, where I was challenged to be the best I could possibly be in these leadership development areas, joining a team that now has nearly 40,000 certified coaches in almost every country on earth. We are dedicated to transforming our world by encouraging values and principles in leadership that truly can change out world.


Soul Impact is aimed at equipping and encouraging churches, ministries, and Christ-focused businesses to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, through strategic planning.


Soul Impact Leaders is all about equipping pastors and other Christian leaders to lead with Biblical principles and values as they live Chris-honouring lives.


Soul Impact Focus is for Christian men who desire to be better Christ-followers who are seeking a closer relationship with the Lord, and demonstrate more Christ-likeness.


Got questions? Email me - [email protected]