In Soul Impact Coaching and  Masterclasses you'll get...

Greater Clarity

You will know your core values, your puspose in life, why the Lord created you, His vision for you and you alone, who He is calling you to be, and your mission - what you are to do as His child.

Deeper Confidence

You will have more confidence in your responsibilities as a child of God and a member of His Body. Your relationship with the Lord, your faith and faithfulness will grow.

Increased Consistency

The compound effect of consistently putting into practice the leadership principles you will learn  will dramatically improve your team,  your organization and your personal life.

And you'll hear the Master say, "Well done, Good and Faithful Servant" every day!

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"Working alongside Phil for a couple of years has been one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had as a leader.

Phil’s insight and expertise have encouraged me and others working with me to think through complex and often overlooked issues that, if not dealt with in a timely and wise manner, would prevent our organization and us as leaders from moving forward.

Phil knows how to say the right thing at the right time, even in a context where the truth may be hard to hear. In these specific contexts, Phil demonstrated that he is capable of dealing with conflict and different views respectfully, honestly, and considerately.

Regardless of the moment in life you find yourself in; I believe Phil’s holistic mentorship will enrich you as a person and organization."

YS, Pastor

I met Phil in a shared mutual business group for entrepreneurs. I watched one of his videos and from that decided to book a call. I am Christian and have a company as a Provider who supports those with a disability and Mental Health but I wasn’t clear on understanding how as a Christian we operate in this world in activities that go against our own foundational principles and values as a believer. But also about the Operation of our new business and the culture of it. So I booked a call.

In the first instance being on the call with Phil what was obvious straight away was a the fact that Phil had a genuine interest in what I was doing in my business. He was patient and listened intently then he responded once I was done. His knowledge about business makes you want to pay attention. Phil helped me to realise people are intricate creatures and at times complex but we have to go above and beyond and be kind to each and everyone we meet even though it can be challenging. He also made me realise strengths in me that I did not recognise or in my train of thought or my list of strengths and that was that I was an influencer until he gave me a simple explanation of how, but if I’m operating at 7.5 in business then I’m only giving 7.5 to and needed to up my game to a 10 which he will help me to do? Therefore If you are someone who is looking for a Coach who has lived experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table not just in business knowledge but wisdom then I would highly recommend Phil.

Michelle Thompson, Gold Coast, Australia

"My engagement with Phil was at two levels, as a colleague and as a friend.

One thing that really stood out with Phil was his attention to detail and insight toward fundamental underlying issues that were often unexplored and unengaged.

Phil's courage to invite conversation around these issues was refreshing and his wisdom in exploring workable options provoked thought and invited curiosity as to how best to move forward.

I unreservedly recommend Phil!!!

MS, Counsellor

Phil’s life experience and training make him a great leadership coach and mentor.

His personal relationship skills allow him to probe where it’s most needed and to do it in such a way as to keep the process moving.

His insightful questions are always timely to the need and often lead me in the direction I should be going.

Whether you are in business, the professional world or church ministry Phil has an approach that will benefit the work you do. “

RH, Lead Pastor